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9 Beautiful Vases For Contemporary Living Room

When you are decorating your living room, a wonderful vase is necessary if you need for space to look perfect. Now we have chosen 9 wonderful modern and tasteful mostly glass vases just for you.

Vargus Vase


Vargus Vase

This superb decorative vase is ideal decoration for contemporary style home. With interesting design and impressive size (12″W x 25″H) it is a perfect decorative addition to your living room.

Cost is 149,95.

Large Teal Ribbed Vase


Blue Vase

This lovely glass vase also arrive in small and moderate size. It ought to fit in any well-designed living area. With it is blue-green colour the vase brings tranquility and calm atmosphere in your home.

The cost for this vase is 126,00. For moderate size price is 84,00 and also for little vase is 58,00.

Waterford Evolution Oasis


Oasis Vase

This gorgeous classic shaped, but with modern mixture of colours plus two layers of glass brings to your house tranquility and peacefulness. It comes in 2 dimensions, in 16 Inches and in 12 Inches.

Cost is $200,00 for 16 Inches vase and $175,00 for 12 Inches vase.

Godinger Perfection Vase


Glass Vase

This contemporary designed vase is made from clear glass and unique layers.

It’s available in three dimensions.

Price for little vase is 55,99. For medium size is $43,41 and for the big is 51,79.

Glass Vase


HM Glass Vase

In case your cash budget is a little bit lower, but you still want a modern vase to your modern living space this is the vase for you. It comes in grey metallic glass shade (on the image ) and as a very clear glass.

Cost with this fantastic vase in only $17,95.

Raised-Design Glass Vase


Glass Designed Modern vase

This nice looking vase is 100% made from glass. It’s ideal for any living space, whether or not it’s contemporary or traditionally made.

The price is 79,90.

Transparent Glass Vase


Modern Transparent Glass Vase

This vase is 100 percent made from glass. It’ s classic shape makes it ideal for almost any home. Your flowers will look amazing if you place it in this vase.

The cost is 79,90.

Tornado Vase


tornado Vase Glass Modern

This glorious contemporary vase is great choice for you if you are fan of first design. It is from Tornado collection of crystal products by Jan Johansson. The vase is designed in very interesting manner, the exterior area is apparently twisted while inside of the vase is perpendicular.

You’ll have this superb vase for $200,00.

Vera Wang Wedgwood Sequin Vase, 11″


Vera Wang Glass Vase

For the conclusion of this listing we offer you a charming Vera Wang’s crystal vase. Vase belongs to newest crystal collection and also it is natural crystal reflection that the vase gives the impression of mysterious.

The price of this remarkable vase is $150,00.

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