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8 Outdoor Playhouses For Kids

If you would like to surprise your children for birthday of any other special chance, the playhouse may be the right alternative. If you’ve got a huge backyard or a patio, you may keep it , and your children will like to devote their playtime over there. Following is a list of eight amazing playhouses that any child will love. And if the one playhouse isn’t enough, we’ve even one playhouse village on the list:-RRB-. If you do not have an outdoor area, do not worry, any of these playhouses can also be used indoor.

Cape Cod Playhouse



Cost: $1,999.00

Cape Cod Playhouse is a playhouse that some child will adore. It’s available in lots of different sizes, which means it’s possible to pick the perfect one for your backyard. The playhouse includes working windows, shutters, and floor. The home is warmth, mildew and weather resistant.

The Sweetbriar Playhouse



Price: $1,999.00

The Sweetbriar Playhouse is a great choice for your little girl. This playhouse can be used both indoor and outdoor. It includes one working window, as it includes floor. Some simple assembly is required.

Grand Portico Mansion Playhouse



Price: $8,999.00

Grand Portico Mansion Playhouse is surely a lavish gift to your child due to its abundant architectural design. The mansion is a superb choice for both boy or a girl. This mansion playhouse comprises even 22 working windows, 4 columns, and 10 flowerboxes. The doors for adults are on the back of the home.

Sara’s 8×16 W Victorian Mansion DIY Kit Playhouse by Little Cottage Company



Cost: $7,399.99

This beautiful Victorian home playhouse is an ideal way to surprise your little girl, and she’ll love it. The home has windows that are working, and it includes a flooring that is crafted from a plywood. This playhouse could accommodate up to four children.

Pennfield 11×12 Playhouse by Little Cottage Company



Cost: $5,699.99

Pennfield 11×12 Playhouse by Little Cottage Company is one adorable playhouse which will look absolutely in the garden or a patio, and your kids are going to love it. It includes 2 doors, one for kids and one for adults. This Item is made from the USA with Amish Craftsmanship.

Craftsman 11×8 DIY Kit Playhouse by Little Cottage Company



Cost: $5,099.99

Craftsman 11×8 DIY Kit Playhouse by Little Cottage Company is a house that any child will surely love. It’s a high-quality playhouse made from wood, and manufactured in the USA with Amish craftsmanship. It features the kids doors.

Playhouse Village



Cost: $2,999.00

If a single playhouse is inadequate for your children, you can surprise them with one village, I’m confident they will love it. All of these homes come prebuilt, and you’ll be able to choose whether to purchase one playhouse or to mix it with other village building such as a court home, dentist office, general store and law office.

Sara’s 10×18 W Victorian Mansion DIY Kit Playhouse by Little Cottage Company



Cost: $10,299.99

This beautiful mansion is the priciest playhouse in the list.We have already listed one Sara mansion from Small Cottage Company, it is comparable to this one, but this one is bigger and somewhat different from the first one. The first one is more for the women, and also this mansion is acceptable for both gender. It includes two doors, one for kids and one for adults. The ground and roof made from a high-quality timber, so the durability is ensured. This item is made in the USA.

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